Home screen of the LifeSG app shown on an iPhone

All of LifeSG and more, in one app.

Say hello to simpler services and better lives.

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Get things done.
Anywhere and everywhere.

Enjoy quick and easy access to over 100 digital government services. Register your child‘s birth. Calculate your family benefits. Update your residential address. Or discover senior perks. Do them all on your mobile, from wherever you are.
Screens from the LifeSG app: Services and Healthcare. The screens show the service categories and the services in the healthcare category
Benefits section of the home screen from the LifeSG app, showing the user’s available balance for SkillsFuture Credit and GST Voucher

Your benefits from the government. All in one place.

Whether it‘s SkillsFuture Credit, Workfare Income Supplement, or something else, view the available balance for all the benefits you‘re eligible for on the app.

Instant updates.
Important reminders.

Check the status of your applications. View your child’s upcoming medical appointments. And receive reminders for important to-dos.
Screens from the LifeSG app: Inbox and Appointments. The screens show the user’s application statuses and upcoming appointments

Your personal profile.
Always protected, and always with you.

A convenient place to view your personal information from multiple government agencies. All secured by biometrics authentication on your phone.
Screens from the LifeSG app: Profile and Finances. The Finances screen is part of the user’s profile and shows CPF balances